Dry Carpet Cleaning Method Without Water

Dry carpet cleaning without resorting to the use of water is a way to be fully aware of doing the carpet cleaning without using water because the carpets in our homes do not remain clean for a long time, especially carpets furnished in high places of use such as roads and living rooms. Carpets in highly used locations need to be cleaned continuously, while the traditional wet cleaning of carpets has a lot of damage, dry carpet cleaning without using water should be resorted to.

The Importance of Carpet Cleaning on Dry Without Water:

Carpet Cleaning Balwyn recommends that because of the economy, the process of wetting the carpet, in general, is necessary, that the carpet is cleaned with water should be done only about twice a year. This is especially for the carpets of synthetic fibers, and hand-made carpets or carpets made from natural fibers such as wool, cotton or silk. These categories of carpets should not be exposed to water and it should be cleaned with the knowledge of a professional carpet cleaning company.  This is because of the harmful effect of water on all carpets made from fibers. 

Washing With Water Exposes This Category of Carpets to The Following Dangers:

  • Shrinkage: shrinkage of all fibers of some carpets due to exposure to water. 
  • Water may work on the colour of the dyed natural carpet.
  • Wet washing of carpets as a carpet cleaning method causes the destruction of the surface protection layer, which is treated by the carpet at the time of manufacture, as well as responsible for the gloss of the surface and the integrity of the fibers as well as the splendour of the landscape, we note after the wet washing of the carpets extinguished much gloss and drop fibers and adhesion also.
  • The carpet takes too long to dry, giving a great chance to attract bacteria and generate unpleasant odours and thus also erode carpet fibers.

Dry Carpet Cleaning Method Without Water

Here carpet cleaning explains out one of their best ways to clean carpets on dry:

  1. Remove all dry dirt and dust, food crumbs and other droppings from the carpets. It is half cleaning and helps a lot on the success of the other half, so you should pay close attention to this step, where the carpet is well cleaned outdoors using a solid carpet duster on the back of the carpet, remove the dust from the bottom of the carpet in the direction of the lint because the base of the carpet is semi-designed and retain dust as well.
  2. Clean the carpet area well and then brush it and use the vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean the surface and suction all the dust. Clean the strong stains from the carpet, using a solution of warm water with a few drops of dishwashing fluid, and apply it with a small toothbrush or sponge as well as without excessive moisturizing. 
  3. Use water spray to spray the carpet surface very lightly. Bring enough sodium bicarbonate to cover the surface of the carpet with a thick layer and spray it on the carpet through a small, very narrow strainer. Leave the carpet so for at least 6 hours, while re-moisturizing the surface well using water spray whenever you notice the dryness of bicarbonate (bicarbonate can be replaced with vinegar if the carpet is too light or white). 
  4. Using a regular tile brush or even a piece of sponge (depending on the type of carpet) the surface is strongly supported. The vacuum cleaner is used to clean the surface of the carpet completely from the cleaning material and all the dirt. Take care to ventilate the place well.
Vacuum Carpet Cleaner


The importance of using sodium bicarbonate in carpet cleaning is a very effective process of carpet cleaning Balwyn, in interacting with dirt and stains and removing them all, especially the fatty spots, where you can also use the same way to clean the cane. This method eliminates all odours from carpets and also eliminates bacteria by sodium bicarbonate.

Give it a trial…!